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New Releases - 7/19

Genre: Paranormal
Length: Novel

About the book:

Out for a walk on her fist evening of her holiday in Norwich, England, Kamryn finds herself literally knocked on her butt by a gorgeous hunk of a man named Algar. He is quick to apologize when he helps her to her feet, and holds her hand a little longer than necessary, but he still reluctantly rushes after the man who he had been chasing. Kamryn returns to her hotel, sure she won't see him again.

Algar quickly takes down the werewolf sired by Fenris the wolf, in the hopes of finding the woman he'd knocked over before she disappears. After following her scent, only to come to a dead end at the hotel's elevator, he plans to return in the morning to wait for her to put in an appearance. When she does, he finds she stirs his wolf as much as she stirs his body.

Certain she is the woman meant for him, meant to be forever claimed by an immortal werewolf warrior, he knows he can't let her go, even if she comes to fear what he is.

Genre: Historical
Length: Novel

About the book:

Since losing his wife, a woman who shared his sexual proclivities, Prentice Hyde has wandered lost, until Desiree Huntington appears at The Sapphire Club, wishing to engage his services in just the activities he most enjoys. At her seductive request, he paddles her lovely derriere, then takes her to his bed, showing her passion that she has never before experienced.

However, Desiree has a secret. Ten years before, the wicked Prentice Hyde took her virginity, her being one in a long line of faceless young women who were charmed by the handsome and persuasive Marquis of Wycroft. That single act destroyed her life, forcing her into a marriage with a man three times her age. Now, Desiree is bent on revenge.

Will she be able to make the decadent marquis fall in love with her without engaging her own heart? Can she forfeit the sexual awakening he has aroused in her? Will he be able to convince her he has changed and now his fondest desire is for her to join him in Lord Decadent's Obsession? 

Special Content Alert: Spanking

Mile High Club by Valerie Mann
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Naughty Nibble

About the book:

Drew Driscoll never knew what hit him when he met Emma for the first time. Mr. Type-A personality doesn't allow relationships to interfere with his business success. But something about Emma strikes a deep chord hard and fast. So, in typical Drew fashion, he rationalizes the situation and hires her as his administrative assistant to keep her close but without any emotional entanglements. Or so he thought.

Emma never dreams how difficult working for Drew will be when she'd accepted his offer. Sure, she does her job well, he pays her even better and she enjoys the jet-set lifestyle as his assistant while he deals his way through every major boardroom in the country. What she doesn't have is Drew. The immediate attraction sizzles between them but he always keeps his eyes forward and hands off, which makes doing her job easier but her nights lonely. When she accompanies him to a formal business event and he gets immersed in an unexpected and lengthy call from Asia, a frustrated Emma accepts an offer for a ride home from his former business partner. The next day, on a cross-country corporate flight, Drew fires her.

Once she gets past the initial shock of unemployment, Emma realizes nothing is standing in the way of pursuing the affair she knows they both want. And where better to pursue her ex-boss than at a private, thirty-thousand feet?

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