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New Releases - 7/26

Obsession by Donovan Rush
Genre: Extreme Kink
Length: Novel

About the book:

When Stocker's submissive partner, Margo, disappears and is later reported as deceased, Stocker can't bring himself to let her go. He sees her everywhere, in coffee shops, on the streets, and especially in his fantasies. Following a clue found on the back of an old business card, Stocker sets out to discover what really happened to Margo. Obsession chronicles his journey into the city’s kinky world of female domination to find his lost love. 

Special Content Alert: Extreme BDSM, Pony Play

Educating Peter by BJ Franklin
Genre: Erotica
Length: Naughty Nibble

About the book:

Set in a futuristic world where prostitution is legal, Educating Peter tells the story of Tessa, a Licensed Companion with the BlueBelles, an elite escort agency. Tessa and her group have an assignment at an exclusive boys' school where the sixth formers (all 18 years old) lose their virginity in carefully arranged circumstances before they leave the school. Tessa is excited to take part in such an honorable task, but upon arrival at the school, she discovers an anonymous family has requested her services for something a bit different. The homophobic parents want Tessa to try and seduce their son, who has told them he is gay. Tessa agrees, but when she's shown to young Peter's room, she finds he's not alone. Within moments, Tessa realizes the only way she stands a chance of seducing Peter is if she's able to seduce his former teacher and current lover, Michael, as well. 

Special Content Alert: M/F/M

Seduction of Simone by Cherie De Sues
Genre: Paranormal
Length: Novel

About the book:

Simone Devereaux has inherited an estate on the Northern California coast after her Aunt Celeste meets with a sudden, mysterious death. The hot neighbor, Trent Grayson, insists Celeste was murdered, and wants to be more than the man-next-door. When clients arrive to pose for their nude portraits over the weekend, Simone realizes she's inherited more than an estate. Two randy poltergeists enter her dreams for a lusty menage, and a budding serial killer threatens her sanity.

Now her Wiccan mother and gypsy father are coming for a visit, just in time to watch Simone lose her heart...and possibly her life.

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