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New Releases - 7/12

Raw Recruit by Gwen Campbell
Genre: Sci-Fi
Length: Novel

About the book:

In the future, sexism in the workplace is alive and well on Mars Orbital One—the only place in our little corner of the galaxy to get into the space program. For decades, women have been refused entry. Now, Lieutenant Rene Aubrey and fifteen other hand-picked women are being given a shot to join Earth's elite space force. Seems there's something coming down the pike, a new weapon that requires a feminine touch you might say, and her male training officer is a hands-on kind of guy. Problem is, there's some scary aliens out there gunning for women like Rene and they're about to drop in for a return visit.

Summer Heat by KB Cutter
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Naughty Nibble

About the book:

Summer: Brilliant blue sky, pristine sandy beach, the tang of brine wafting through the air. Hard bodies splashing in the surf. Cool drinks in frosted glasses, what more could one want? For Madison and Kate, two intimately close friends, it is Paradise.

Madison left her troubles behind on the mainland, so why was she still plagued by them? Why couldn’t she be more like Kate, uninhibited, sexually confident? This was supposed to be a relaxing beach getaway, so why wasn’t it?

Madison didn’t have the answers; distracted by her pending divorce, angst over her own sexuality and Kate’s body and scorching libido, how could she think straight? Coupled with a chance encounter with a local Surfer Boy, sexually charged erotic fantasy collides with reality.

And as the sun heats up the beach, the passion between Kate and Madison grows twice as hot.

Special Content Alert: Lesbian, F/F/M menage 

 Surrender by Heather Peters
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novella

About the book:

Florist Isabella Chandler, through no fault of her own, is about to lose her business. She might as well lose her soul. With no other options she turns to Lyon Sauvage, a man she dismissed from her life five years earlier. But is she willing to pay the unexpected price of ultimate submission?

Enigmatic millionaire Lyon Sauvage lost Isabella once. He has no intention of opening his heart and suffering that mistake again. When she appears on his doorstep desperate for help, Lyon presents her with a proposition she has no choice but to accept. But will his revenge get her out of his system? Or condemn him to greater heartbreak?

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