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New Releases - 5/24

Have Stake, Will Travel by Rebecca Leigh
Genre: Paranormal
Length: Novel

About the book:

Orion Masters is no ordinary slayer, she's a dhampir—half vampire—and she uses her superhuman abilities to her advantage.

After all, a girl's gotta make a living.

But her life takes a dramatic u-turn on a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The balmy nights of paradise hold a forbidden temptation. Hot, steamy sex with Julian Hunter.

Like Orion, Julian is a slayer. Unlike Orion, Julian is a pure blood. Their paths cross on the hunt and Orion finds herself unable to control the allure of Julian's seductive powers. Yielding to her body's instinctive, passionate reaction to Julian, she discovers the erotic lure of heritage, shared blood, and destiny.

Elven Journals: Unseen Paths by Scarlet Hyacinth
Genre: Fantasy
Length: Novel

About the book:

For an elf, the worst curse in the world is blindness. Alix Skyeyes learned that the hard way. Scorned from birth for his innate handicap, he lives as a pariah in the fae elf palace and survives only due to his acute senses and battle skills. Having lost faith in their entire race, Alix is surprised when a dark elf approaches him in a hesitant attempt of friendship.

A hardened warrior, Jan’ke carries heavy scars due to his time in the neighboring demon country. When he meets Alix Skyeyes, he sees in the blind elf a soul that echoes his own jaded grief. They find comfort in each other—and slowly, but surely, their friendship evolves into love.

When Jan hides his engagement with a noble woman from Alix, his lies push Alix into revealing secrets of his own past in the worst way possible. Compromises are made, unlikely alliances are forged and many more secrets revealed. Jan finds himself forced to make the toughest choice in his life. Will he remain loyal to his country or will he save his lover?

Special Content Alert: M/M

Camera Shy by Lauren Gallagher
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novel

About the book:

What happens in Tofino, stays in Tofino.

Scandal-plagued actress Simone Farrell thinks she’s found the perfect fling: He’s hot, he’s a thousand miles away from her fishbowl existence in Hollywood, and the best part? He doesn’t know who she is. Jason is the perfect escape from the losing end of a custody dispute, a career that’s on life support, and an alcohol-blurred string of affairs.

What Simone doesn’t realize is that the only thing staying in Tofino is her heart. What’s more, when Jason falls in love with her, he’s giving her something that’s been painfully taken for granted in the past: His trust. When Simone's lies unravel and her two lives converge, there may not be any second Hollywood or Tofino.

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