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Ancient Blood by Rie McGaha-New Contest

New Contest for Ancient Blood!

Ancient Blood releases on May 31, 2010...just a few days away! This is the long awaited sequel to Blood Line, and when you enter the AB Contest, you win a copy of Blood Line. The contest is easy, the prizes are great! Win an AB T-shirt or autographed poster and a copy of Ancient Blood!

Go to my website for all the details on how to enter and win!


Half witch and half wolf, Ganda is like no other being on earth, but nearly 2,000 years ago the love of her life, Colin, was killed and since then she's remained in her human form as an old black woman in the swamps of Louisiana. That was until Joshua and Jessie Kaine showed up and brought her back to life. Now on a mission to put her past to rest, Ganda visits the land of her birth, followed by the land of Colin's death--Egypt. What she finds there isn't the answer she's looking for, but a mystery that will change her entire future.

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