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No•ble /ˈnoʊbəl/ [noh-buhl] –adjective

Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Latin nobilis well-known, noble, from noscere to come to know.
  1. Distinguished by rank or title.
  2. Pertaining to persons so distinguished.
  3. A : possessing very high or excellent qualities or properties. B : very good or excellent.
  4. Admirable in dignity of conception, manner of expression, execution, or composition.
    of an admirably high quality; notably superior; excellent.
  5. Famous; illustrious; renowned.

Noble Romance Publishing is a royalty-paying, full-service e-publisher of superior quality, cutting-edge erotic romance. We challenge our authors to take risks, to push the sexual envelope while still maintaining their story's romantic integrity, the combination of which is guaranteed to satisfy even the most discerning erotic romance reader.

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  1. Phoebe, you rock girl! Thanks so much for setting everything up for us!

  2. I LOVE your blog! Especially the "Spank me" pic lol. :P Happy reading. :)

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