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New Releases - 11/8

Becoming Men by Martin Delacroix
Sub-genre: Contemporary M/M Erotic Romance
Length: Single-author Anthology

About the book:

Becoming Men offers three stories about college boys who share a common need: love from another young man.

In East Beach, Ian, a lifeguard, is forced to confront his hidden attraction to males when he's teamed for the summer with Kevin, a co-worker who's gay. Can Ian summon the courage to explore his sexuality?

In Angel from Asuncion, Jordy, a homesick college freshman, pursues affection from his Paraguayan roommate, Ariel. Can Jordy convince Ariel to abandon his vow of celibacy?

And in Aaron Sickles And Me, a promiscuous gym rat named Andy, lusts for his fellow body-builder, conservative Aaron Sickles. Will Andy forego his omnivorous sex life, to win Aaron's love?

Life isn't always about getting what we want, but each of these boys somehow manages to attain what he needs. Follow their transitions to manhood in the pages of Becoming Men.

Content Alert: M/M

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Edge of the Woods by BL Bonita
Sub-genre: Action/Thriller Erotic Romance
Length: Novella

About the book:

Sometimes digging for the truth unleashes deadly consequences . . . .

In the remote Alberta wilderness surrounding Cold Lake, a madman wanders the provincial park. His victims are happy to share his company . . . until they suffer by his blade. Journalist Carmen James and her cameraman are there to cover the story, but as darkness falls they must fight to stay alive.

John Molloy lives a simple life in his cabin in the woods, until he stumbles upon a half-naked woman hiding in his woodshed. She's bloodied, bruised and terrified, compelling him to aide her. As Carmen mends under his care, unexpected and irresistible passion ignites between them. But The Cold Lake Butcher has plans of his own.

Can love overcome the twisted mind of a killer?

Content Alert: Some graphic violence.

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