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New Releases - 9/27

Requiem by Ashley M. Christman
Genre: Paranormal
Length: Novel

About the book:

For millennia, Kate, a vampire succubus, has wandered through life feeding on both the blood and sex of mortals, with an utter disregard for human life. Even that gets boring after a while. But problems don't arise until Kate meets the new “Hollywood Heartthrob,” Aidan Cross.

Aidan is human, which would normally put him on the menu, but Kate finds herself attracted to him in more ways than one and decides to wait before she kills him to see if the allure is something more than his irresistible good looks.

Jack and Kate have a very complicated relationship dating back to the fall of Rome. He's an angel, she's not. One night with her will make him fall and be damned to life in the demon ranks, and she'll become mortal.

With Aidan, she gets a chance to play human. One night with Jack and she'll actually be human, but that also means giving up everything she loves.

Special Content Alert: Some graphic violence.

 Legacy by Carlene Rae Dater
Genre: Paranormal
 Length: Novel

 About the book:

When Jane Sullivan finds a mysterious envelope containing a birth certificate and a note telling her it's time to claim her legacy and to look for the mark, she believes she's finally found a clue to her true identity. With the help of investigative reporter, Tony Ackerman, Jane follows the clues and discovers her true legacy, and it's not at all what she expected—it's much, much worse.

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  Her Timeless Obsession by Tina Ordone
 Genre: Historical
 Length: Novel
About the book:

In 1910, Mrs. Honoria Smythe discovers trunks full of old clothes, letters written in 1810 between two lovers, as well as journals, which tell the tale of a love affair cut short. The young woman is curious about the distinguished soldier in a dusty portrait, which makes her wish to find out more about him and the woman to whom he wrote such romantic letters.

She discovers a glorious love story, torn asunder by a duel, and her heart breaks for the lovers from a century past. Her fondest wish is to be able to somehow warn Jeremy Saintaubin and Honoria Danby of what fate is in store for them, well before the damage is done.

A fall down the stairs somehow propels her thoughts back a century, into the mind of Honoria Danby. Will the unexplained strange thoughts, the excruciating headaches and the feelings of deja vu, save the day or will she lose the love of her life on a misty morning in Green Park?

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