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New Releases - 8/16

Sensual Poison by Rachel Carrington
Genre: Mystery/Suspense
Length: Novel

About the book:

In the beautiful, historic city of Charleston, South Carolina, someone is giving new meaning to the phrase "cheaters never win." And the police only know what she wants them to know. Her method of attack: injected snake venom. She chooses her victims from random clubs around the city, and so far, no one has been able to pinpoint her next arena of attack. Targeting married men eager to cheat on their wives, she gives them the ride of their lives and never leaves a trace of evidence. To the detectives trying to find her, she’s invisible.

Detective Jaden McKoy is tired of the pile-up of bodies the killer's leaving behind, but what makes his job tougher is the precinct commander. She’s beautiful and stubborn with great legs and a body he can’t stop thinking about. It’d be a hell of a lot easier if he didn’t know what that body looked like underneath the lieutenant’s crisp exterior.

Lieutenant Kennedy Biltmore would have been perfectly happy if she hadn't gotten transferred to Jaden's precinct, especially considering her transfer made her his boss. And she wasn't supposed to sleep with a subordinate. Too bad they'd already crossed that line, and undoubtedly would cross it again. And again.

When the killer takes out Jaden's best friend and partner, Jaden sets himself up to be her next target. The gamble pays off, and the killer walks right into the trap. Coming face to face with the woman who murdered his partner is difficult enough, but standing in the same room with her and not pulling the trigger, takes everything Jaden had inside him. In the end, it's his love for Kennedy that keeps him centered, sane.

With the threat over, Jaden and Kennedy find themselves alone, facing the fallout from the sex that should never have happened again and the feelings that should have never been given room to grow. And in the aftermath, both realize some things are just beyond their control . . . like love.

Wet by Margie Church
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novella

About the book:

Noah and Reagan may be divorced but their passion is far from over. For the sake of their children, they end up living together until the Navy determines Noah's next assignment. When the rain falls one night, they get wet in more ways than one.

Special Content Alert: Bondage, Oral Sex, Anal Sex

Lacy: A Bad Girl's Romance by Cherie De Sues
Genre: Action/Thriller
Length: Novel

About the book:

Lacy Hennessey is the enforcer for the Boston Irish mob after the boss for the Italian mafia kills her father. After so many years of an informal truce between the two families, why has the Italian boss declared war on the Irish? She'll have the time to dwell on the future while on vacation with a new lover in Hawaii. Lacy is hopeful she'll find love for the first time in her life.

Dr. Josh Davenport has fallen for the beautiful, leggy blonde who isn't wired emotionally like other women he's known. As the clues to Lacy's occupation unfold, Josh struggles with his feelings of self-preservation when he learns he could be in the middle of a mob war. Josh is no saint and his past could get him killed if Lacy's boss gets wind of his shady associates.

Back in Boston, Lacy's world begins to crumble around her as secrets reveal a startling truth that could cost her everything she holds dear. In a bold move, Lacy will risk her life, love and legacy to bring about a new era for the Boston Irish mob, and for her and Josh.

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