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New Releases - 1/18

Firefly by Madison Night
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novella

About the book:

Libby Hill, a classically trained dancer whose dreams were dashed by chronic knee pain, runs a quaint coffee shop, The Bean, in Las Vegas. Although her days are filled with the aromas of Irish Cream and rich Colombian, her nights are filled with something much different – Libby transforms into Firefly, a seductive and confidant dancer at the infamous Tommy Rocker’s, a local topless strip club.

Desmond Carlisle is in Vegas for a week, desperate to get away from the daily pressures of his shattered home life and rock star celebrity. He’s keeping his presence in the city low key, opting to frequent quiet venues and cafés like The Bean. He needs a distraction, and he’s hoping one just might come his way in the form of a delicious topless dancer with his band’s logo tattooed on the small of her back.

But there’s one little problem.

Des hates the fact that Firefly refuses to take off the wig and mask she wears on stage. He doesn’t know if he can bring himself to be intimate with someone who won’t even show him her face – and Libby is too ashamed to reveal Firefly’s true identity to anyone.

Will Libby be able to stop hiding behind her embarrassment before it’s too late, and Des leaves Las Vegas for good?

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Ocean Breeze, Little Squeeze by Jenna Byrnes
Genre: Mystery/Suspense
Length: Novella

About the book:

Big X, little x, question mark, dot. The child's rhyme runs through Lucas Sinclair's mind. He can still feel the light play of his sister's fingers across his back, dancing along to the words. Unsettling, considering his twin, Laurie, had been abducted fifteen years earlier and never heard from again.

Ocean breeze, little squeeze. In a small, ocean-side cottage that shouldn't be filled with memories, Lucas attempts to start a new life. It's harder than he expects to move on. Indications are that Laurie has returned and isn't the carefree child she used to be.

With a therapist trying to help him, and a private investigator who can't seem to let go of the past, Lucas confronts his demons. He's not sure where his sexy next-door neighbor fits in, but Tristan Conner seems to know a lot more than he's telling. Someone is terrorizing Lucas. Can it really be Laurie—or worse yet, one of the three men he's come to trust?

Special Content Alert: M/M

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