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What do you mean it's December?

Okay, who stole October and November? Anyone seen them? Cause I certainly haven't!

My life at the moment is just one big blur. *sigh* We're moving. Again. Three years ago my Hubby's company moved us from Sydney to Singapore, well now they're sending us back. Anyone who's moved house will know how hard it can be but I have to say shifting countries is a whole different ballgame!

Man, there are soooo many things you just don't think about. Bank accounts, doctors records, school reports, passports, residency paperwork, quarantine for the animals, the time it takes to ship furniture from one country to another...and the list goes on. And I don't want to even talk about the time-suck factor of the whole event. Or the stress. *pulls hair*

On top of all that we're making this wonderful (hear the sarcasm?) move right before Christmas. The week before to be precise. Whose flippin' idea was that? We have to pack enough in our suitcases to get us through two months without ALL our stuff plus Christmas presents that have been bought. Not to mention all the IMPORTANT paperwork in my office. Good thing the company is sending us business class or there'd be lots of yelling from me.

We've got less than two weeks and all I keep thinking is are we there yet? I know we shouldn't wish our life away but I'd really, really like it to be February now. That's when we get to move back into our house. Before that we'll be living out of those suitcases at my in-laws.

It's a good thing I'll have all that yummy Christmas food as a distraction. Not to mention the many get together's I'll be attending over the Christmas New Year period. I know it's all going to go quickly, just look at October and November but.....ARE WE THERE YET??


  1. I've been there, done that, and I'm gonna say a special prayer for you to be instilled with a whole boatload of patience for Christmas - you're going to need it...LOL But the bright side, I'd rather live in Sydney than Singapore! Have a Merry Christmas - February will be here before you know it :)

    Missy Martine

  2. Sounds like you might need some yummy Christmas drinks to go with that food. Sydney does sound good though - now you can write Sydney Fling!

  3. Awwww Rhian! I feel for you. I can't even imagine doing what you are and during Christmas!!! Maybe we can have a Heat Wave- International Heat Readers bash in Sydney??? :)

    billi jean

  4. Rhian! Poor you! I can't imagine doing what you're attempting, uh, doing! We need to have a big bash for you in Sydney...why not invite us all from International Heat??? ;)

    hugs! And take care of you and yours!

    billi jean


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