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Come the last week of November each year, I try and take off time from the EDJ (evil day job). First on my list of to-do's for the week is spring cleaning. Yup. You heard correctly. Spring cleaning in the fall. Just before the major holidays is the perfect time to deep clean every nook and cranny.

Call it a ritual, an obsession. Whichever, I find it necessary in order to get into "service mode", something I rarely do. With Thanksgiving comes my yearly transformation from selfish pig to humble servant. Rarely also, will one catch me in my glorious grump during this time. How so?

Simple. I know my limits.

Unlike the beautiful Cherub on the right over here, I'm not the "giving" type.

To even imagine picking up behind others, slaving away before a hot stove, or laundering nasty socks, years ago would've gotten me all out of sorts (actually, that is my usual sort...but whatever). I'm sure former neighbors have wondered just what the hell was going on up the hill, with all the shouting. For their inquiring minds--that would have been the old me trying to domesticate.

But not so anymore. I am capable of caring for others, as long as it's sporadically and sparingly--and NEVER asked of me. No. I can't do that one. I can, however, decide on my own terms when and just how I will give. The house will be spotless. There'll be pies, a funky jello dessert or two, salads, veggies, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, rolls, cranberry sauce, and I'll even manage to pull off a not-so half-baked bird.

Over time, I've come to realize that I'm okay with giving this much one week out of each year. Like I said, I know my limits, and the guys seem to have learned and accepted them also.

Every day, sans the last week of November, I lift not a finger. Sugar Daddy takes the boys to and from school, packs their lunches, helps them with their homework, and they all work together to keep the house "liveable". Laundry, vacuuming, cooking, dishes, yardwork, shopping . . . Heck, Sugar Daddy even chops wood and can tune a carburator in know time flat. But come Thanksgiving each year, it's my time to give to them for a change.

<----- On Thanksgiving, Sugar Daddy loses the apron!

Though the boys will come home from school one day next week, pause just inside the door, and inhale deeply, exclaiming, "Wow. It smells great in here!" And though ten minutes after the Thanksgiving feast is served, it will be devoured, bragged upon, accompanied by a few belches, and inevitably forgotten in the turkey sandwiches of the morrow, I will smile, satisfied with a job well done. More satisfied that the job is then, done.

And that's all right with me. Because, I get the next 364 days off. Free from distractions, so I can write. Free from worries and mundane tasks. And thankfully, Sugar Daddy and the boys are okay with it. They'd better be. Curious, who's cooking for you this Thanksgiving?

Thankfully Yours,


  1. Bryl, I am envious. I want that. I'm about like you in the lack of domestication. Unlike you, I have no one to pick up the slack...Have a great thanksgiving.


  2. Bryl,

    Is that you? You put on some weight it seems...But if it isn't, whew, still looking good, as I imagine you would be ;)))

    All in jest haha!

    Have a great Thanksgiving with your mate and your lovely little boys...

    Love, Mick

    Mykola Dementiuk

  3. Sugar Daddy is really working that apron! It takes a special man to go to that length for an author blog, my hat is off to both of you!

  4. Hah!

    @Jaime drool!!! LOL

    @Mick Ah Mick, that's my mate, baby! Isn't he to die for?

    @ZAM He is VERY special, indeed. Got off of work early this morning and I met him at the door. "Shower. Now. I need pics!" --- "Yes sir." was all he said. I had the pics less than 30 minutes later. . . special INDEED! :)

  5. Bryl,

    looks like you get the best of all worlds. It's nice to thank your SD like this - bet he likes the recognition? Grin.

    He is, indeed, a very nice human being and I hope that you and the family have a great Thanksgiving week.


  6. I've always loved Sugar Daddies...the candy! The menu sounds delish and how lucky are you Bryl? I need that apron! ;0)

  7. Bryl,
    You're so lucky to have Sugar Daddy. Mine would never let me put an apron on him and take pictures even though he will be doing the Thanksgiving cooking.
    Hope you all enjoy Turkey Day!

  8. @Serena Thank you. Very true and very thoughtful. He is the greatest.

    @Nichelle Hands off woman! LOL

    @Lily Yes, I am. I say squat, and he says where. Perfect. ;)

  9. Bryl,

    Where can I get a suga daddy? *grins* have a great time with your mate n children on Turkey Day and Ohh mine teens are all the domestication I need. They're forever arguing which equals to forever cleaning to help them work on relationship skills!


  10. Happy Turkey Day to you too, Bryl! May the coming year bring you blessings galore so you'll have more time to write!!


  11. All the best to you and yours this Thanksgiving Bryl. And your SD is awesome... what a sweetie. My dh would just look at me cross-eyed and then laugh himself sick.

    We had our Thanksgiving celebration last month; I think it's in hope that we won't have winter yet, so that we can be ever more thankful. For the holiday meals I usually do the majority of the work, but then the family does the clean up... that works for me!

    Take care.. and write lots in the other 364 days... I need more Bryl!

  12. Have a happy and tummy satisfying Turkey Day.
    Tell SD he's rockin' that apron!
    I need to get my man one of those...maybe it would say...KEPT MAN...

  13. Hello Bryl
    as we do not have Thanksgiving here in Liverpool U.K & your sugar daddy will not be cooking can we
    borrow him :)


  14. That's awesome(: Those are some great pics.
    Have a great and relaxing turkey day. And the nice thing is, after all that cleaning it'll still be in good shape for Christmas. Good thinking!

  15. You all are GREAT GREAT FUN! Thank you for stopping by, but I have to say... Marie (mariewig), let me see if I can spell this out... M-I-N-E. :D

    I enjoyed making you all smile. Least, I hoped you all smiled and not cringed.

    Have a wonderful holiday season! Best wishes to all.


  16. Shit. I could never get Rott to do that for a photo... smile that is. LOL You go, Bryl! Hats off to you... aprons off to SD! Happy Turkey season!

  17. Bryl,

    It's taken me all day to figure out where you freakin posted this. Yes, I'm in need of much assistance most of the time. Don't bug me. LOL

    Sugar Daddy is a sweetie. Mine ain't so liberal and I wouldn't let him near a turkey...don't go there... for anything, so I cook it, but he does a mean clean up. Rest of the year, well it's all on me. Man keeps saying he'll learn how to cook, but I ain't holding my breath. House keeping, well the house seems to keep pretty well all by itself. If someone doesn't like it, they're always welcome to do whatever.

    Great blog and again, congrats on that awesome 5 star review!


  18. AH, here's the Thanksgiving post I've been hearing about! Wonderful post, Bryl, although I didn't realize how spoiled you really were...heh heh heh

    Cute pics and whatever arrangement works for you, go for it.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, SD and the boys!

  19. My husband won't let me cook for the big occasions. My parents were Brits, and all meat was cremated. If we have Christmas here this year I'll try and talk him into wearing an apron. Maybe not naked - I don't know if my mother and sister could take it!


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