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Decadent Deceptions, Keta Diablo

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Blue Ribbon Rating: 4
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A lady of Savannah, Georgia in the 1850s, Olivia Breedlove is far from the southern belle her father wanted her to be. She is a wild spirit with a daring and carefree attitude. If she is seen by society as a bit scandalous, well, she can’t really help that, can she?

All she wants is a bit of independence and some freedom. Oh yeah, she desires just one more thing, for Morgan Gatewood to marry her. Perhaps the most traditional and acceptable step for Olivia to take would be to let Morgan court her, but that’s just not her style. Why wait for him to come to her?

Olivia has her own tricks up her sleeves to gain the attention of Morgan. She is sure he is her match. Is he a gentleman? Maybe not, but a man that would excite her and please her, he is. Just how far is Olivia willing to go? Will she go too far? The suspense builds as Olivia pushes everyone’s limits, including her own.

DECADENT DECEPTIONS by Keta Diablo is a captivating story. The characters are completely outside of the box, a definite surprise to me for sure. I enjoyed having characters that caught me off guard. I admit there were quite a few times when I really wanted to strangle Olivia, but she kept me turning the pages with her flamboyant and uninhibited schemes. You really do have to read it to believe it.

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