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Decadent Deceptions – Four Stars!
Keta Diablo, Noble Romance
Romance - Historical

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This setting is Georgia, 1856.

Cain and Olivia Breedlove buried their father a couple of weeks earlier. At the reading of the will a stipulation is placed on Olivia. She must marry within six months to a man of upstanding character and financially well off or depend on her brother to dole out an allowance. How can she find a husband? She wants one that will satisfy her needs both mentally, romantically and financially. The one she wants, the one she is in love with, only thinks of her as a friend.

Morgan Gatewood, a friend of Cain’s has been in love with Olivia for years. Her father warned him to stay away from her because He would not make not fit husband material for his daughter.

Olivia has a scheme to bring Morgan to his senses. She asks Morgan to take her to L’ Amour Immortelles so she could pick a husband based on his expertise. Cain and Morgan try and talk her out of it. She is determined. She doesn’t know Morgan is the owner of the brothel.

A murderer is on the loose. He kills ladies of the evening and leaves behind a black rose. Morgan attempts to keep Olivia safe.

This is an excellent, well written historical romance. This book does have graphic scenes and adult language.

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