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The 'Kilt Question' - Finally Answered

By Jenna Byrnes

What exactly do men wear under those kilts? Many of us have wondered this over the years. I found a few pictures to satisfy our curiosity.

This one needs no caption. The expressions on those faces? Priceless!

Oops! Marilyn Monroe, eat your heart out.

Oops, part two.

Anyone for a tall, cold one?

Wonder how she felt when she saw this? LMAO!

These pictures aren't new, but they're certainly good for a smile. I'd love to be able to tell you I have some Scottish book at Noble Romance to ties these photos in to, but I don't. I write contemporary stories set in the good old U.S. of A. (Okay, sometimes Canada...) But my stories are also good for a smile, so stop by Noble and check them out.

Have a lovely weekend and remember to take time to smile whenever possible!

~ Jenna

Jenna Byrnes
Page Scorching Erotic Romance


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  1. Had a good laugh today..thanks I needed this. ha susan L email is

  2. Great way to start the day with a giggle!
    All the photos are great, but the one with
    the Queen, poor man can you imagine sitting
    next to the Queen and being totally exposed.

  3. Oh my! YES. Awesome and enlightening post, Jenna. As always. LOL LOL


  4. I'm smiling. Oh am I ever smiling. Thanks for sharing this, Jenna. Uh, that fella facing away has such a 'squeezable' bum. *WG*


  5. I want to get a closer look at Prince William in a kilt now!

  6. I LOVED the pictures! Guess no one has to wonder any longer what a man wears under his kilt!LOL

  7. I love the pic with the queen. I've never seen that one before.

  8. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting everyone. Somebudy suggested that these pics were Photoshopped and I said "Horrors!" I'd much rather believe they were real. Funny, none the less.

    Have a great weekend!


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