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Rie McGaha interviewed by Lynn Crain

I was recently interviewed by Lynn Crain. Here is part of that interview, for the complete ramblings, go to Lynn Crain's XtraOrdinary Romance.

At what age did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

I don’t really know because I don’t remember there ever being a time I wasn’t writing. From the time I could make letters, I was writing stories!

What has been your biggest influence on becoming a writer?

There was just something inside me that demanded I write whether it was little girl stories, or morose teen poetry, or song lyrics, or bedtime stories for my kids, I had to write.

How did you feel when you got your first publishing contract?

Stunned! I couldn’t believe anyone would want to publish me, let alone actually buy and read something I wrote!

How many novellas/novels have you published to date? When did you have your first sale?

I have 5 works out right now. Three are novels and two novellas. Sheesh, I don’t remember when the first sale was.

Tell me about your latest release. Please include if it is part of a series or a stand alone book.

TWO FOR HIRE was released 9/28. It’s a novella where the lead characters are introduced by the male leads sister trying to marry her brother off. The two like each other, have hot sex and could probably fall madly in love, except there’s one little thing standing in the way…

ANCIENT BLOOD is being released 10/19 and it’s the sequel to my paranormal werewolf book BLOOD LINE that was released a year ago.

What was your inspiration for this book?

LOL Every time someone asks me that question I feel like I’m supposed to have a wonderful inspirational story behind the book. Unfortunately, TWO FOR HIRE has no such story, it’s really just a funny look at a situation and a really good excuse for hot sex!

ANCIENT BLOOD however, is a different story—so to speak! BLOOD LINE came from a dream my truck driver husband had about being attacked by werewolves while on the road…he’s a big sci-fi fan! So while I was writing that one, the character of Ganda became a story in herself and ANCIENT BLOOD picks up her story where BLOOD LINE left off. And there’s probably a third book in this line because Ganda’s uncle, Garan, is now demanding his story be told. After all, even a 2,000 year old werewolf deserves happily ever after!

For complete interview, go to

Lynn Crain's XtraOrdinary Romance

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