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Jaye Valentine's Halloweensary!

One year ago today, my partner Reno MacLeod and I published our first collaborative story, "StarCrossed 1: Demon Tails." While this was not the first thing we wrote together, it was our first joint story published and therefore holds a special place in our hearts. The fact the story is urban fantasy and takes place around Halloween, coupled with the fact it was originally published on Halloween makes the story and the occasion that much more special.

Reno and I have written and published a lot of stories since then, with much more to come. It's been my privilege to work with such a gifted artist. Reno is not only an incredible writer, but a talented graphic artist as well. While I may be the one that puts the shine and polish on manuscripts when I re-write, revise, and edit, our stories wouldn't have the heart and soul they posses without Reno's amazing characterizations and "big picture" way of thinking. I'm just the detail man, and it's a humbling experience to work with him.

At this time, Reno and I have several more stories that have been contracted for publication by Noble Romance Publishing. "A Perfect Game" is a short novel (around 55,000 words) with multiple layers of themes: age difference, authority figure dynamics, BDSM elements, and baseball. Twenty-year-old Christopher Pennington—generally known throughout the story by his nickname "Kit"—dreams of becoming a professional baseball player. He has the talent and the drive needed for the sport, but finds his lack of interest in education barring his way. Under threat from his wealthy father, an important alumnus and contributor at Kit's private Christian college, he has been barely muddling through. It isn't until the very handsome Liam Dalton replaces one of Kit’s regular professors at the exclusive school that higher learning takes on any real meaning. Look for "A Perfect Game" at Noble Romance in late January 2010.

We've also contracted on proposal a longer novel (around 100,000 words) entitled "Little Japan," which I'm proud to announce will be part of Noble Romance's brand new "Foreign Affairs" line of short stories, novellas, and novels featuring non-U.S. characters and locales. As we're still in the first draft phase of this story we're keeping it close to the vest at this point, but if all goes according to plan you'll see it featured at Noble Romance in either February or March 2010.

Our third offering currently under contract with Noble is a short story I wrote solo entitled "Firecracker." Jeff, a Baltimore cop, spends a fun weekend with his walk-on-the-wild-side, live-in life-partner, Isaac. Isaac has a kink for risky sex with strangers, which Jeff finds incredibly hot and is more than willing to facilitate. Jeff trusts Isaac to be emotionally faithful despite the physical dalliances, and Isaac trusts Jeff to watch his back and keep him safe from harm. Not a lifestyle everyone could manage, but it works for them. A short story (12,000 words) that's occasionally humorous and frequently hotter than the surface of the sun, "Firecracker" is story about the honesty of love and trust and risk. Depending on timing issues regarding the completion of "Little Japan," "Firecracker" will be released by Noble Romance in either February or March 2010.

To celebrate our first year anniversary of our first published collaboration, Reno MacLeod and I will be celebrating Happy Halloweensary on Twitter, starting around 7:00 p.m. EDT on October 31, 2009.

Prizes, silliness, and drunken tweeting will abound, including a round of "Jaye's Twitter-sized Movie Blurbs, Or Why Reno Writes Our Blurbs And Not Me." Please visit my Very Neglected Blog for details.

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  1. Thanks for assisting with the technical difficulties and posting this for me, Bryl. :-)

  2. Your three up and coming releases sound wonderful, Jaye. It was also interesting hearing about how you and Reno work together. You sound like a great team.

  3. No problem, Jaye. How could I not jump to assist such an awesome author?


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