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Such a Good Boy Receives great review from the hard-to-please Mrs. Giggles!

Such A Good Boy
by Barbara Sheridan, contemporary (2009)
Noble Romance Publishing, $4.75, ISBN 978-1-60592-049-8

Barbara Sheridan is a naughty author. This is a sequel to the charmingly titled Beautiful Cocksucker, but it is a sequel because one of the main characters in the previous book gets whacked and is now food for the worms. Still, Ray died heroically on duty. Mikisaburo Nabeshima is now married to a woman and he is also a father. I'll let folks who wondering what happened to Miki to read the story themselves to find out. But if you have read the author's collaboration with Anne Cain, The Dragon's Disciple stories, you should know that the author isn't above pulling stunts like this. I'm not too dismayed by the turn of events, though, because it's not like Ray died in an unmarked grave, alone and heartbroken.

When Such A Good Boy opens, Miki meets a younger cop, David Kirkland, in a case involving a series of murder that are unnervingly familiar to Miki. David is pretty much acting on his own here and Miki, who is visiting America to face some old ghosts and catch up with some old friends, decides to give David a hand. David may be about half of Miki's age, but naughty Miki has no problem getting David to be all hot and bothered for, you know, that.

To be honest, while the mystery is pretty decent and isn't mere padding between hot scenes, I can care less about it. I know, I'm so shallow. What has my attention more here is the dynamics of the developing relationship between Miki and David. What's the word for this kind of dynamic? Miki's the confident and cool older pervert, David is the brash kid, and if this is a Japanese cartoon, you'd bet David will have this bright red blush on his cheeks as he tries so hard to manfully resist the pleasure he is feeling under Miki's educated ministrations. Seriously, this is like a bara comic from Furukawa Shobou, only this time the Japanese pervert has commenced the American invasion.

Do I find the story romantic? Well, yes, although if you are expecting some old-school kind of romance here, you may want to revise your expectation a little. The story is unabashedly erotic, however, with plenty of raunchy talk and even more raunchy man-on-man action that work for me.

Such A Good Boy is a well-written erotic interlude that also contains some Japanese yaoi influences in the storyline and the interaction between the two male characters. If you prefer realism, you may find the story a little too over the top. But if you are a big fan of those Japanese gentlemanly perverts, this one may just do the trick.

Rating: 84

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