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Friday Flash Fiction!

I'm trying something new - a bit of Flash every Friday for my readers. Interested? Readers, check out the stories available this week at Friday Flash Fiction. Writers, we're always looking for more to join us. All genres welcome. Just join us for a chance to strut your stuff. Here's the scoop, authors:

****Permission to forward granted & encouraged****

Celia Kyle is resurrecting Friday Flash Fiction!

If you'd like to participate and include the link back code with your Friday Flash Fiction post, please go to Friday Flash Fiction to snag this week's code. Each week's code and sign-up box is made available on Thursday am so there's plenty of time to grab the code and signup with your link. :D

What the code does: It posts a list of participants in FFF on your blog. You can see it in action at Friday Flash Fiction where I've already added my name with a link to tomorrow's post.

How to get your name on the list: On either Friday Flash Fiction or your own blog, input your name and link to your FFF blog post and it'll be updated on everyone's blog automagically. The wonders of webby code never cease!

What is Flash Fiction? Short snippets of writing, usually around 100 words (more is fine), but we're not being that strict. Something short and sweet... maybe even a little sexy.

****Permission to forward granted & encouraged****

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