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Two great reviews for What Happens in Vegas

Two reviews for my Naughty Nibble, What Happens in Vegas, and both are wonderful!

Erotic Horizon says, "A sweet treat from Jenna Byrnes and there is nothing to complain about in this short story. The story start off with a scenario that drags me in and before I knew it – I was caught up in the drama that was evolving in this one night in Vegas. The pace was fast and the language edgy and the combination made the book quiet a read.

This is clearly where Ms Byrnes excels, she certainly knows how to pack a story into a few pages and after a few weeks without my usual fix from her – I was loving WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS." Read the whole review here.

Literary Nymphs gave the story 4.5 Nymphs. Scandalous Minx says, "Steve’s reactions to his situations are dead on. Fear, anticipation and fervor all come through clearly, helping me connect with the character and feel his emotions. I found this fast-paced story interesting and would love to find out what happens after Vegas." Read the whole review here.

Find What Happens in Vegas to buy or read an excerpt here.

Have a great day! I'm enjoying every minute of my vacation, talk to you more soon!

~ Jenna

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