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Wet and Wild Review from Rainbow Reviews

AUTHOR: Cait Braxton

ISBN: 978-1-60592-041-2

PUBLISHER: Noble Romance

Rahda is running late for her Friday night love-fest with Gabrielle. The anticipation is nearly unbearable, for only Gabrielle can satisfy her intense craving for the whip ... and the hunger for her exquisite touch.

Rahda can't sit still with the anticipation of what the night has in store for her. Somehow she needs to get through the rest of the workday so she can be off to see Gabrielle. Rahda is wearing a skimpy outfit as dictated by Gabrielle's phone call the previous night. Unfortunately, an employee asking for time off at the last minute and horrible traffic combine to make Rahda late, and she knows she will pay the price when she arrives.

For me, the most interesting part of the story was the contrast between seeing Rahda at her day job, where she is in a position of power, and when she submits to Gabrielle. This was nicely done within the story, providing a complexity to the character that is so often the case for submissives. The D/s element of the story is very light, involving mostly control and some lashes with a flogger. Overall this was a nice, emotional story with some kinky sex about an intense connection between two women.

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