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About Decadent Deceptions:

Daring and desperate to win Morgan’s love, Olivia Breedlove embarks on a reckless folly. But everything backfires when Morgan remains one step ahead of her and the game ventures down a path of duplicity and murder.

A decade ago, Morgan was a heartbeat away from taking Olivia’s virginity. Her father, Thaddeus, intervened and threatened to meet him over pistols if he so much as looked at his daughter again. But now, Thaddeus is dead and Morgan has no intention of ignoring the ravenous hunger he’s harbored for the blasted woman for ten years. One way or the other, he will quench this burning desire and make her his forever.



Erotic Horizon snippet:

The introduction of a murder mystery was a stroke of genius by Ms. Diablo, not only did she hold the who done it until the end, but the tension - was real, the fear – chilling and the steps Olivia and Morgan takes to protect themselves will have you literally biting your nails in anticipation of the outcome.

Decadent Deceptions took on a totally new dimension. Love, friendship, and loyalty are tested, secrets are revealed and Ms. Diablo manages to give respectability to an area of society that is frowned upon and a humanity to situation and scenarios’ that could easily have been trivialized. I enjoyed Decadent Deception and it’s is a read I most definitely recommend. Well done Ms. Diablo.

* * *

Night Owl Romance snippet:

Keta Diablo has penned a great historical romance with sizzling erotic appeal. Olivia and Morgan are characters that test the boundaries of their emotions as their romance takes you down a path of decadence. Not only do we get a sensual romance but also woven within the sexual tension is a subplot where murder and danger pulls you into a tangled web of intrigue. Decadent Deceptions is a great novel and I enjoyed the steam that came with this red-hot read.

* * *

Jess from Goodreads snippet:

I loved this book!!! It was funny, romantic and I couldn't help but fall in love with the main heroine and hero. Even though the story was set in 1850 (or somewhere around there) I felt like I understood Olivia and her desires. I found the exchanges between Olivia and Morgan to be so entertaining and amusing. Olivia's antics reminded me almost of Lucy from I Love Lucy (but sexier lol). I flew through this book, despite it being an E-book which can be annoying to read. I sat down and didn't get up again. I highly recommend reading this one!!!

* * *

Cheryl's Book Nook snippet:

I thought it was cute that Olivia thought she knew all there was about sex from reading books. So in order she thought she would be fine visiting a brothel. One of the funny moments was when she tried to ask questions of Morgan on why the people did certain things. Morgan is a good leading man. He is tall, dashing, and a great kisser. It is not often where you read erotic novels where the storyline is just as good as the lovemaking. I can see why fans are raving about Keta Diablo and her books. Decadent Deceptions is a delectable treat.

* * *

Crave More Romance snippet:

If you haven’t read Keta Diablo you haven’t lived! Upon entering Ms. Diablo’s world I became completely enraptured by it. Everything I love about her writing was there to sweep me away again. Her characters are the rare kind that leap off the page.. The plot is sensational, the setting nothing less than brilliant. DECADENT DECEPTIONS is a phenomenal five star thrill of a book!
Kerensa, Crave More Romance Reviews

* * *

You Gotta Read Blog snippet:

I read this story not necessarily expecting a mixture of suspense and mystery. I was pleasantly surprised at what the author had in store. The relationship between the main characters was not only believable but riveting. I liked that the author wrote the scenes from several points of view so the reader is not left to their own conclusion vis a vis others' perceptions. The twists and turns of the plot keep you guessing. A couple of times I thought I had it figured out only to find out I was wrong. The author writes a delightful love story of long-denied love that culminates in an mixture of mystery and devotion rarely seen.

Simply an amazing book.

* * *

Moonlight, Lace and Mayhem Blog snippet:

To add further insult to injury, I was forced to stop reading it long enough to eat dinner with my family. I was the most unsociable individual that night at the dinner table because all I could think about was getting back to Decadent Deceptions.

This was a hot, erotic read, with a little bit of spicy voyeurism thrown into the mix. The characters Ms. Diablo created were fun, witty and even zany at times. They were a joy to read and I found myself sad when the novel ended just because I loved the characters. So, I give Decadent Deceptions by Keta Diablo Five out of Five Moonlit Kisses!

* * *

Dreamer from Goodreads snippet:

Decadent Deceptions by Keta Diablo is a hot historical romance with a mystery rolled into it, which suits me perfectly as I love hot historical romances and mysteries. It entertained me from beginning to end.

There's plenty of chemistry between Morgan and Olivia and the erotic scenes are very well written. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did. Happy reading!

(Is there a story for Cain and Lark in the future?). DREAMER ( Pilar) Goodreads

* * *

Manic Readers snippet:

I enjoyed reading all the naughty things Olivia does in order to get Morgan’s attention and confession that he loves her madly. In turn, Morgan tries everything in his power to salvage Olivia’s reputation after she tells him of her outrageous plans to get a husband. Olivia's brother, Cain, and her best friend and soon-to-be sister-in-law, Lark, are secondary characters that I also enjoyed reading about because they really contributed to Olivia and Morgan getting to together to become an officially married couple finally. Decadent Deceptions is one novel I will be putting on my keeper shelf and reading again and again.

* * *

Dark Diva's snippet:

In this late 19th century piece, Ms.Diablo provides us with a tight plot full of desire and tension. Decadent Deceptions supplies the reader fulfillment in every way imaginable. I was engaged by the characters, found myself cheering them on, and it became hard to stop reading once I started. Decadent Deceptions is a wonderful late American historical for the erotic reader.


* * *

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