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SEX and CHOCOLATE by Reese Johnson-excerpt

SEX & CHOCOLATE by Reese Johnson
Noble Romance Publishing
G rated Excerpt:

Jim picked up the remote to turn up the sound. He glanced around the room. Warm earth tones and modern furnishings. He could tell Steve had used a professional decorator, but he liked what he saw and immediately felt at ease. The place had a comfortable, homey feel.

“Is that a picture of you with your parents above the fireplace?”

“Yes.” Steve brought a platter loaded with assorted meats, cheeses, and crackers into the room and set it on the coffee table. He handed Jim a glass of wine then walked to the mantel and looked up at the family picture above it. “My mom, Jean, and my dad, Fred. And that’s my sister, Jana, and her son, Stevie. You might’ve guessed he’s named for me.” Steve grinned. “That’s Jana’s husband, Gary, and this is my ex-wife, Carla.”

“Your ex-wife?” Jim couldn’t keep the surprise from his voice.

Steve chuckled. “Yes, my ex-wife. We were married for about two years, but I just couldn’t keep up the ruse. I tried to be normal for my parents’ sake, but I’m gay and I was making Carla as miserable as I was. I finally told her the truth and she was actually relieved. She kept my secret from my family and we got divorced. My dad died a few years later and never knew he had a fag for a son.”

Jim rose from the sofa and joined Steve in front of the fireplace. He put a hand on his shoulder. “I’m sorry.”

Steve smiled up at him. “Thanks. I just wish I could’ve told my dad. I would’ve liked for him to know who his son really was.”

“He knows,” Jim said and leaned into him. He brushed his lips lightly over Steve’s then smiled. “Let’s have a glass of wine on the couch.”

They sat on the couch together, shifting to face one another, their knees touching, and picked up their wine glasses. Jim watched as Steve took a long drink from his glass. His jade green eyes looked even darker, even sexier in the living room’s low light. The urge to reach out and grab him by the shirt and pull him into his arms nearly overwhelmed him. Jim’s balls ached and the head of his dick twitched in reaction. He took a deep breath and exhaled, then drained his wine glass as he forced himself to stay in control.

“My parents were pretty cool with it,” Jim finally said. “But I’m bisexual, so they’ve met quite a few women over the years.”

Steve snorted. “I thought I was bi too. I made love to Carla, but it just wasn’t the same for me. I liked her, loved her even. We’re still great friends. She’s married again now, and they’re expecting their second kid. Her husband’s a surgeon over at St. John’s. Good guy, Hank. We play
golf now and then.”

“Alan and I were together for five years before he fell in love with someone else.”

“A woman?”

Jim laughed. “No, another man. Alan has never been with a woman. Even when we first met during spring break, when I’d bring women home and all of us would mess around, he never actually had intercourse with any of them. But he got off on watching me make love to them. He says he knew he was gay even when he was a little kid.”

“I was fifteen when I figured it out,” Steve said and refilled their glasses. “My sister caught me in her room trying on her lingerie and heels.”

“I was at a party the summer before I went to college. We were all drinking and slobbering all over everybody. Pretty soon, everyone was naked and we were all hitting anything that moved. This football jock I knew, Dan Evers, kissed me. That was it. I wasn’t even shocked. It just happened and I discovered that I had two choices and both worked for me."

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