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Spank Me Once Anthology: One Good Outcome by Jenna Byrnes

Chapter One

In a firm, humorless voice, Mistress Ginger said, "Drop to your knees."

Not one to shirk directions, Steve Cannon did as instructed.

"Now lean forward," she said, nudging his bare ass with her shoe.

He leaned forward and placed his hands on the floor. A nervous flutter coursed through him right up to his gut as his balls shifted in the sac.

"Cold?" Her smooth leather shoe rubbed the underside of his testes.

"No, Ma'am." The room felt warm enough, but his precious jewels were exposed, available for whatever she had in mind. His stomach clenched and he wondered what she might be planning.

Sliding her hand between his thighs, she massaged his heavy sac. A feather-light touch of fingers sped over his burgeoning erection and retreated. A squeeze would have been too good to be true. She'd never played with his cock so early in the evening before. First she'd torment him, and he knew it. Loved it.

"You're getting hard," she said. "Remember to practice self-control. If you make a mess on the floor, I'll make you lick it up."

"Yes, Ma'am." He swallowed. She'd follow through on the threat, and the idea didn't excite him. One thing to lick the floor at his place or her condo; he could handle such a task. But the floor in a BDSM club--even an exclusive establishment like Delilah's--wouldn't be very clean. He focused on the wall and went over a legal brief in his head, anything to keep from becoming too aroused.

She circled around until she stood in front of him. He stared straight ahead and saw her black fishnet stockings and the thin garter belt holding them up. He dared not look any higher without permission, although he could smell her musky scent. God, stealing a peek tempted him.

"Are you thinking about work?"

"No, Ma'am,"he said and changed his answer. "Yes, Ma'am."

She ran her fingers through his thick mass of black hair and grasped a handful. "Don't lie to me. You know what happens when I catch you in a lie."

I know. Exactly why I do it.

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